Very Fine Gilded Court Kilij Sword - 6772

This Turkish Kilij sword from the late 19 Century is a fine exemple of swords carried by high ranking officers of the Ottoman court. The blade is a classical 19 C. Kilij blade, relatively short, 26 inches long, wide and very curved with a pronounced T spine and a 9 inches back edge. The blade is etched to imitate watering Damascus and decorated with gold koftgari inlay in Arabic inscription. The hilt and scabbard are of special decorative value: Gilded silver, with filigree work on the front face and chased on the rear face. It is richly set with many turquoise stones. Total length 38 inches. This sword come with a metal tag with the fig. 209, probably to indicate a catalog number of a museum or other important collection. A sword of value .