All the items we show in the Gallery are from our private collection and they are NOT FOR SALE They are shown here in order to make their description and photographs available to collectors and researchers. Visitors are welcome to contact us for more details and/or more photos.

Items are grouped in five geographical categories. Click on the category name for the list of the Gallery items in this category. A further click on the thumbnail image next to the listed item will open the page of the specific item with detailed photos and full description.

Ancient Weapons: Ancient weapons from the Middle East up to the 15th Century A.D
Africa: Including items mostly from Northwest Africa, the Maghrib countries, the eastern countries, and the Horn of Africa, and some from the Sahara and the Sahel.
Turkey/Arab/Caucasus: Items from regions under the Ottoman Empire influence. The Caucasus, Arabia, and the neighboring countries.
Indo-Persia: Including items from Persia, Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Indian sub-continent.
Indonesia/Philippines: Items from Malaya, Sumatra, Borneo, Java and other thousand islands of the Indonesian archipelago, and those of the Filipino islands.
Indo-China/China/Tibet: Items from Burma, Thailand and the neighboring countries, as well as China, Mongolia, Tibet, and Buthan.
Others: Other places not included above, and related items and accessories.

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