Sword from Bhutan with Laminated Blade - 6644

We offer for sale this sword from Bhutan. It has a straight single edge 26 inches long blade, forged from laminated steel in the pattern known as Hairpin Folding. A similar laminated steel is also used in the Tibetan Ke-Tri long swords. The grip is wood bound with alternating twisted wires made of brass, copper and steel. Faceted brass pommel. The scabbard is wood covered with leather. One of the previous owners of this sword inscribed on the scabbard with black inc the words: Bhoutan Sword. Good condition. Several forging flaws and few nicks on the blade edge and signs of re-sharpening. Some damage to the wire binding of the grip below the pommel. Some age shrink of the scabbard’s leather on its rear side.