Monstrous Moroccan Koumaya Dagger - 14568

Up for sale is this Koumaya dagger of unusual dimensions: 24 inches, compared to 16 17 inches "common" size. Pommel of huge dimensions: 10 inches long and 9 inches wide. The style of this dagger is also known as: Chapeau de Gendarme (The hat of the policeman) after the shape of the pommel . Blade of typical shape but larger than usual, 12 inches long. Both handle and scabbard are brass, covered with thin silver sheet on the front face, chased and engraved. The wide pommel is set with four colored glass squares. The actual use of such big Koumaya dagger is a mystery: It is definitely old, early 20 C. and not a tourist souvenir. Is it for ceremonial use? or may be an advertisement for a Koumaya maker?? In any case it is an unusual and interesting authentic item.