Fine and rare Moroccan Khanjar / Koumaya Dagger with Rhino Horn Hilt - 14503

This interesting dagger is a rare variant of the Moroccan Koumaya curved dagger also known as "Moroccan Khanjar". The unusual part is the blade shape: It is heavy, deeply curved, single edge (the edge is on the concave side) with a fuller along the spine. Very much in the shape of the claw of a bird of prey. 8 1/2 inches blade length 15 inches total length. The handle is carved from a massive piece of rhino horn with silver chased pommel and collar. The scabbard of chased silver in very typical Moroccan design with stamped proof mark. Very good condition. Dents and small crack on the scabbard. Authentic and rare item. early 20C. Around 1920.