Very Nice Tulwar, Talwar, Tega Heavy Sword - 6358

This heavy wide blade sword is a variant of the Tulwar also known as Tega. It is characterized by the short, very curved and wide blade with reinforced spine and back edge. Blade 24 inches long, back edge 9 inches, two inches wide. It is forged from pattern welded steel (Damascus) but the blade need a proper polish and etching to bring the pattern to its full strength. The blade is marked with the famous eyelashessign of Italian origin but this is most probably an 18 C. copy of the original marking. The most beautiful part of this sword is the hilt, relatively big, with an unusual side extension to protect the hand, and it is heavily set with gold koftgari decoration. Good condition. Some filing signs on the edge and very shallow pitted spots. More than 95% of the gold decoration is intact. Very unusual sword.