Very Fine Wootz & Pattern Welded Indo-Persian War Axe - 6316

We are proud to offer this fantastic piece for sale: A 19 C. Qajar style, Indo-Persian war axe of the highest quality. The combination of a pattern welded (Mechanical Damascus) haft with a wootz (true Damascus) blade is a very rare combination. High quality chiseling and koftgari gold adds to the superiority of this item.
The blade is crescent shaped, 9 inches tip to tip and forged from good wootz steel. It is chiseled in the classical Qajar style of the period and inlaid with gold koftgari work. The haft is made of faceted section forged from Pattern welded steel (mechanical Damascus) and twisted section forged from plain steel. All in excellent condition with the exception of a small pitted area on the hammer side of the blade. A real find for the connoisseur collector.