Superb Wootz Kirach / Tulwar Sword - 6268

This is a rare cousin of the Tulwar, the famous Indian sword / saber. It is known as Kirach or Karach and it is characterized by the slightly down curving blade with the edge on the concave side and the down curving spine with a false edge. This one is a very well made fighting weapon and meant for business, coming probably from Rajasthan. The blade is 32 inches long with 10 inches false edge forged from good Indian Damascus wootz (crystaline) steel, marked with armory marks on both sides as well as on the spine and made in the construction known as scarf welding. Scarf welding was done by welding two ingots of steel in or around the upper third part of the blade, in order to provide the blade with both strength and flexibility. It was a common technique since many centuries and found on both Indian and European quality swords. Here the welding point is clearly seen in the close ups as a darker semicircle. The hilt is typical whole steel covered with thick silver layer. Wood scabbard covered with red fabric and mounted with heavy pierced silver fittings. This sword has had its share in real battle and there are two very minor nicks on the edge near the tip. Also it has been through several sharpening processes during its life time but all professionaly done, although very few sharpening signs are left on the edge. .Part of the silver cover is gone. The scabbard is recent but well made.