Very Long Tibetan Fighting Sword - 6265

A very nice very long Tibetan sword ke-tri . These very rare fighting sword were still used by the Tibetan warriors in the turn of the 20th century. The 29 inches long, heavy single edge blade is forged from laminated steel folded at the tip in the style known as hair pin folding. Hilt mounted with pierced steel fittings and the grip is covered with silver wire. A big round white metal rondel, pierced in a classical Tibetan style is attached to the lower part of the grip and set with a red Coral stone. Also the pommel is set with a a smaller coral stone. The wood scabbard is covered with black leather and framed with a U shaped steel frame including a long pierced white metal panels at the top and bottom of the scabbard. The sword comes with its original carrying belt with white metal buttons, braided leather tip and steel buckle. Total length in scabbard 37 inches. Very good condition. The blade has very few blackened areas and minor pitted spots. It was sharpened several times in its life time and some sharpening signs remained on the blade. A rare piece, quite authentic and hard to find in such a complete state.