Old Maratha Sword Kirach - 6016

A very rare form of the Indian sword is the Kirach. It is probably a Maratha weapon and found in the 18 Century in Vizianagaram. Its blade is heavy, single almost straight edge, but with a forward curved spine. The older Kirach sword will usually come with the heavy Hindu style basket hilt. Later ones are found also with the Islamic Tulwar style hilt. This great and impressive piece is old, probably early 18 Century. The heavy 33 inches blade with the fuller along its spine is typical to this sword. It is signed with the maker sign just below the langet. The hilt is steel covered with gilded silver and retained the original grip and hand cushion (Very Rare). The wood scabbard with the green velvet cover is old and probably original. Very Good condition considering its age. Few blackened areas on the blade and partially worn gold plating. Lightly worn fabric parts on the hilt and scabbard. Light damages to the scabbard mouth and tip. Great Piece !! and not common.