Sword / Saber from Oman - 5986

This sword / saber from Oman is a very rare variant of the Kattara classical sword from the same place. I have really seen very few examples and one of the few references to it is: Iaroslav Lebedynsky Les Armes Orientales Page 78. The 33 inches blade is probably of German origin (Similar trade blades were used also in other Arab swords as well as in Shashkas from the Caucasus) with two wide shallow fullers splitting to five narrow ones in the center. The scabbard is covered with leather strips braided with silver wire and the pommel is a heavy steel square covered with silver sheet and acting as a counter balance to the blade. The scabbard is covered with tooled leather stitched with silver wire and set with chased silver locket, chape and carrying rings bands. Good condition. Blade slightly pitted, scabbard leather worn in few places and has been repaired in the center. Minor damages to the silver fittings. This is a rare authentic piece, not commonly found, and is a prize for the collector of Arab / Islamic / Eastern blades.