Fine Indian Firangi Long Sword with Wootz (Damascus) Blade - 8558

Up for sale is this Fine Indian Firangi sword. The name Firangi (Foreigner) was given to these swords in the 17 Century, as they were mounted with European (Foreign) blades on ‘Khanda’ style hilt with a long spike extending from the pommel which allows the use of the sword as a two handed sword. This specific one has a long, 37 inches straight single edge narrow blade forged from fine Indian wootz (Crystalline) steel and marked with the "eyelashes" marking as a sign of quality. Classical steel hilt richly covered all around with silver koftgari work, with a long 5 inches pommel spike. The grip is covered with dark colored fabric. This sword comes with its original wood scabbard covered with dark colored fabric (same as on the grip). Total length 46 inches. Very good condition. Minor losses to the silver work. The scabbard is cracked and with losses to its cover and the tip is damaged. A great sword, probably mid to late 18 C.