Very Good 18 C. (?) Qama Dagger with Sham Blade - 8918

Up for sale is this very early and interesting Qama dagger / short sword. The fine fullered blade is 18 inches long, forged from Sham steel (Turkish / Syrian wootz of very low contrast pattern). The blade is marked with very fine and small dot marking indicating a date of 1171(??), corresponding to 1757 in the Gregorian calendar. This is quite an early date for this type of daggers, but the quality of the blade and the very fine marking makes us believe it is quite possible. The grips are horn and the scabbard is mounted with big steel locket and chape richly decorated with good , heavy silver koftgari work typical to East Turkey / Syria. Total length 25 inches. Very good condition. Blade with lightly pitted spots. Losses to the leather cover of the scabbard and minor losses to the koftgari work. A very interesting sword.