Very Good Arab Jambiya Dagger Oman - 5852

This is by far one of the better Arab Daggers we offered for sale : A very fine top quality Jambiya (the Arabic word for a dagger mounted on the hip) from the early 20th C. This style of daggers with the “L” shaped scabbard is called Omani, as its originate from Oman. However it is spread as well as other Jambiya’s styles all over the Arabian Peninsula. It has an 8 inches curved and dual edge blade with a pronounced central rib, forged from good steel (not like many new Jambiya’s on the market whose blade are made from two-iron sheet pressed to form and welded together). The hilt is horn with silver front panel and silver decoration on the pommel. The scabbard is wood covered with leather and set with chased silver locket and chape. The belt attachment is made of a RARE complicate arrangements of SEVEN heavy silver rings and twisted silver wire. Very good condition. The blade has few small areas of shallow pitting and there are some minor dents to the silver parts. This one is a recommended unusual piece, as good as it can get, aimed for the connoisseur collector of Arabic weapons / art. It is offered here at a very low price.