C. Indian Firangi Long Sword with European Blade - 8464

Up for sale is this very good Indian Firangi sword. The name Firangi (Foreigner) was given to these swords in the 17 Century, as they were mounted with European (Foreign) blades, which were highly valued. Some blades were locally made in the European style. The blades were mounted on the ‘Khanda’ style hilt usually with the long spike extending from the pommel which allows the use of the sword as a two handed sword. This specific one has a long, 34 inches straight narrow blade with two fullers, unmarked but most probably of European origin. Classical steel hilt and guard and a short 2 inches pommel spike all covered with a thin silver foil. The grip is bound with twisted silver wires and comes with its original hand cushion of red and light brown velvet. This sword comes with its original wood scabbard covered with red and light brown velvet as well. Pierced silver tip. Total length 40 inches. Very good condition. The hand cushion and scabbard are partially restored. The silver tip is recent. A great sword.