BHUJ (Kutti) Rare Knife / Axe from India - 8443

The Bhuj, also known as Kuttai (literally: to cut) is a rare type of weapon that was known in North West India particularly in SIND. The name Bhuj, may have come after the city of Bhuj previously the capital of Kutch and now part of Gujaret. Bordering the old region of SIND. It has a typical short heavy blade, more of a short machete or an axe rather than a sword, mounted straight on a brass haft that usually conceal a sharp dagger blade in its rear end. The one we offer for sale here has a 6 inches wide blade, The haft is finely chiseled and gilded brass, 15 inches long, ending with the classical elephant head figure holding the blade. The rear end conceals an 7 inches dagger. This item comes with its original fabric covered scabbard with two finely chiseled and gilded mounts. Total length 21 inches. Very fine chiseling work on both the haft and the scabbard mounts.