Very Rare sword from the Timor island, Indonesia - 8355

Swords from the Timor Islands in Indonesia are quite scarce and sought after by collectors, especially the older ones. Here is a fine example of such a sword. The blade widening toward the tip in a similar way to a kampilan blade is 19 inche long, forged from fine laminated steel, twisted toward the tip. The blade is set with two round brass inserts. The handle with the triangular shaped pommel is carved from horn and decorated with black goat hair tufts. The wood scabbard is covered with rattan strips and braided rattan bands. A small steel bell is bound tio the scabbard. Total length 28 inches. Very good condition. Small damage to the rattan binding of the scabbard. A fine rare sword. For a similar one see:A.G. Van Zonneveld Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago page 138, Fig 584.