Old Jimpul (Mandau) Dayak Head Hunting Sword - 8341

Although similar, this is NOT a Mandau. It is better known as Jimpul and it is used in the same regions and same people who uses the Mandau sword. Not like in Mandau, the blade is curved upward and has a symmetrical cross section. The hilt however reminds that of the Mandau. Both the Jimpul and the Mandau are coming from Kalimantan (Borneo) and both are associated with the head hunting tradition of the Dayak. This Jimpul has a heavy, up curving, 20 inches blade, filed, pierced at the spine and engraved with geometrical patterns. . The handle is bone very elaborately carved, with tufts of white and black hair bundles. Total length 25 inches. Very good condition. No scabbard. Minor edge nicks.