Very Rare Double Khodmi Knives Set, Algeria - 8243

This style of knife is coming from the Bou-Saada region of southern Algeria and also known as Khodmi. We offer here for sale a set consisting of two almost identical Khodmi knives housed in one scabbard. Blades are straight 7 inches long, thick and heavy, single edged with a long false edge . Both blades are marked by the makers. The grips are hardwood with brass plaques and bound with brass wire. The scabbard is wood with brass mounts. Total length 13 inches. Very good condition. This is a rare combination. Knives are of very good quality compared to other blades from the region. The blades, although almost identical, were made by different makers but fitted to this handles and scabbard by the same maker. Most probably a special order Circa 1900.