17- 18 C. Temple Sword from South India - 8189

These rare swords with comes from south India, most probably from Tanjore, 18 C. or earlier. They are also known as Nayar Temple Sword. The steel blade is 28 inches long, double edged and peculiarly bent. The upper edge has three small holes used for hanging small jingle bells. The grip is wood, Cylindrical, with heavy brass cross guard and series of brass discs pommel. A long filed and decorated brass reinforcement strips is fastening the blade to the handle. There are also small holes in the pommel discs with steel rings and clappers to generate ringing sound. The engraved inscription on the grip says: E 390, 94 , probably an old cataloging number of a museum or a private collection.Total length 34 inches. Very good condition to age. Good patina on blade with patches of shallow pitting on. Blade bells are missing and so few of the pommel rings. A rare piece.