Very Good Khanda Sword, Dated 1769 (?) - 8137

We offer for sale this very good Khanda sword, with a heavy blade 33 inches long, with a 10 inches back edge. The basket handle is of classical form, previously plated with heavy silver and with a 2 inches back spike. The handle retained the original hand cushion in red and green velvet. The blade is inscribed and dated in Arabic letters. The inscription says: Raje Maneki Kamarka kamandar Saneye 183 and in free translation: [This sword is] on the Muharaja Manekiís hip [who is a] bowman in the year of (1) 183 (Corresponding to 1769 in the Gregorian calendar), Very good condition. The silver cover on the handle is mostly gone. No scabbard. A sword of character.