Sikin, Ache Sword from Sumatra - 8075

A Sikin, , one of the many variations of the Klewang, the Indonesian machete like sword. This one is probably Acheen from Sumatra, mid 19th C. The blade is straight and single edge, 22 inches long with a 14 inches long fuller just below the spine. It is forged from fine pattern welded and folded steel. The steel bolster is forged in a polygonal shape. The hilt is carved of horn in a typical forked pommel and beautifully carved with geometrical design. The scabbard is made of dark hardwood with big horn locket and silver bands. Total length is 29 inches. Very good condition. There are few scratches on the blade and few nicks on the edge. The hilt carving is damaged on the lower part of the pommel. A good complete sword.