Very Fine Moro Kris Sword, Philippines - 5711

A very good high quality example of the classical Filipino Moro Kris. A 22 inches wavy blade forged from laminated steel. White metal clamps (baca-baca) secures the blade to the hilt which is bound with alternating strips of black and white fiber threads. The pommel is carved from a solid piece of ivory. The scabbard is made from local hard wood with alternating graining of dark and light strips, and the two halves are secured with small ‘nails’ made from Mother of Pearl. Both the top and tip of the scabbard are carved in an intricate floral design and set with engraved MOP pieces, Very good condition. Only few minor forging flaws in the blade and hair thin age cracks in the pommel ivory. This is a very good and impressive 20th C piece, with all parts original and untouched