Short and Heavy sacrificial Kora Sword - Nepal - 7836

Kora swords were used in Nepal and North India for both fighting and sacrificial processes. They are quite similar, only the sacrificial sword is wider and heavier. This one is a sacrificial Kora and it is constructed to exactly meet this purpose: Heavy, down curving, blade, with its deadly sharp edge on the concave side and with wide heavy tip to provide the weight needed for beheading an animal with one sword stroke. This one is heavy but rather short one, probably for use on smaller animals. Blade, 16 inches long, more than 3 inches wide at the tip. The blade is chiseled along its spine and the tip is marked with the “Eye” talisman marking. Total length 20 inches. It is of a whole steel construction with the grip- bound with leather strap -between disk shaped cross guard and pommel. Very good condition. Grip binding looks later to the blade.