Fine Whole Steel Zafar Takieh Princely Sword - 7755

The Zafar Takieh (literally ‘the cushion of victory’) is a type of ceremonial sword used by Indian kings and princes as part of their formal dress when accepting formal audience or respected guests. The prince would seat in his cushion thrown with his hand rest on the hilt of the sword specially designed for it. This one is a very fine example of this sword, probably an 18th Century piece, whole steel construction elaborately chiseled with styled birds heads on the pommels. The blade is of diamond cross section, narrow and long, well made, probably from pattern welded steel, attached to the hilt and screwed into the steel sheath. Blade length 16 inch, Total length 32 inch. The bottom part of the scabbard is marked with the owner ( or armory?) name. Very good condition. A rare and authentic piece .