A Very Good Silver Mounted Regimental Kothimora Kukri - 7697

The KHUKURI is the traditional weapon of the Gurkha people from NEPAL. It is an every day tool used for hunting, agriculture, defense and fighting, and every man in Nepal is proud to carry one for use and as a symbol of status. It derives its shape from the “KOPIS” the ancient Greek sword. This specific example is mid 19th C. of high quality. It has a heavy down curving blade of 13 inches long, 2 1/4 inches wide at its widest point . The blade is of the shape known as Budhume or literally: big belly. Very well forged with two narrow fullers near the spine. The grip is carved from dark horn and the bolster is silver. The scabbard is wood covered with black leather fitted with beautifully embossed silver fittings. The top mount is engraved with the regiment emblem that includes two small Kukries flags and the regimient initials. Lower mount is engraved with a bird. Very good condition. High quality Kurkri.