Good Sword of the Battak - Sumatra - 7613

One of the rarest form of swords from Sumatra is this sword of the Toba Batak people, also known as Piso Gading. The slightly up-swept blade is 19 inches long. The fluted handle is cut from a massive piece of elephant ivory. Wood scabbard covered with leather, with a short brass chain. Total length26 inches. Very good condition. The blade does not goes all the way into the scabbard due to age shrink of the wood. The tip of the scabbard is damaged. For a similar swords see also: Albert G. Van Zonneveld Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago Fig 421 P. 107, and Achim Sibeth The Batak- Peoples of the Island of Sumatra Fig 212 P. 163. A rare piece.