Very Fine Indo-Persian Chest Armor Set (Char Aina) - 7648

This fine set includes three plates of a fine and very decorative Indo-Persian chest armor Char-Aina, and a pair of hand armors Bazu-Band whole steel construction richly decorated with gold koftgari work. One plate is missing. The bigger plate is 13 X 10 inches. The hand armor is complete and includes the fingers mail as well as the inner cushions and one of the bottom covers (one missing) Very good condition. This complete set was donated to a high school in the mid west, USA in 1880, and was displayed on a panel in the school since than. In 1999 the high school, renovating the rooms, sold the set which finally arrived to the collection of Mr. Anthony Tirri, Miami, Florida, and appears In his book on Islamic weapons. A rare and fine set from the early 19 C.