A rare short sword from Bhutan - 7199

These type of swords are characterized by the good, heavy, single edge, hollow ground blade and the open side scabbard. The blade here is 16 inches long, the grip is wood bound with silver wires. The wood scabbard is open and the sword is held in position by two silver bands set with tourquise and coral stones and decorated with very fine filigree work. A similar fine silver plate decorated with stones and filigree work is mounted on the scabbard tip. Total length 24 1/2 inches. Very good condition. The exposed side of the blade has naturally slightly more patina than the covered side, and has lost its polish save two areas below the silver bands, which means that the sword was left in the scabbard for a considerable time. One side of the wood cross guard is chopped. A good item not so commonly found on the market.