Yataghan Sword from the Black Sea - 7020

This is an unusual and rare sword and its origin was in debates between collectors and researchers of bladed weapons. It was attributed to the Caucasus, Kurdistan, North Africa, Turkey, Malaya as well as other origins. However, it is most probably coming from North / East Turkey and was found in Caucasian areas as well. It is best known as Black Sea Yatagan . It is characterized by the deeply re-curving blade and bifurcated pommel. This one has a 23 inches blade forged from laminated steel. The blade is decorated with a typical punched circles and dots design. It is dated in the Islamic calendar to 1404 or 1303 (The inscription is not very clear), 1303 being most probably the correct one as its corresponds to the Gregorian date of 1888 punched on the other side of the blade. The grips are horn and the grip strap is brass. Total length 29 inches. Good condition No scabbard.