19C Zulfikar Shamshir Islamic Sword - 6843

According to the tradition of the Islam, the prophet Muhammad had two swords. The first was a straight blade sword, common to the period, which is now on display in the Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul.
The second sword is believed to have a split blade. It was given to Ali, the prophet son in low, who fought with it many great battles and seen great victories. The sword was nicknamed Zulfikar (Lord of cleaving). . This sword is lost, and no one really knows what was its shape. Many attempts to describe the Zulfikar have been made during the development of Islamic swords. One possibility is the sword offered here or sale: A Persian shamshir based sword, from the Qajar period, early to mid 19 C., with a curved 29 inches serrated blade and a bifurcated swolen tip. The blade is chiseled and engraved on its entire length with floral design. The hilt is a classical shamshir hilt, with steel cross guard and pommel and ivory grips. A very similar sword is shown in W. Egerton, Handbook of Indian Arms… Plate XV, item 658. Good condition. The hilt is restored and the pommel cap is a recent addition.