Parang Nabur Sword from Kalimantan (Borneo) - 6864

Right from our private collection we offer for sale this fine example of the Parang Nabur sword from Kalimantan (Borneo). This saber shaped sword with the D guard is strongly influenced from the naval cutlasses carried by the Dutch sailors, and shows a perfect blend of European with Islamic styles. Up-curving heavy blade 24 inches long, fullered and with a clipped tip styled in floral piercing design. The heel of the blade has on both sides a brass inlay of the Badouh , the magic square with numbers that sums up to 15 in each horizontal, vertical or diagonal counting. The Badouh was originated in Persia and appears on high quality Persian blades as from the 16 C. It was later on spread to the entire Islamic world as a talisman of luck and safety. The handle is checkered horn and the cross guard and D guard are white metal. Wood scabbard with white metal fittings and tin bands (mostly missing). Very good condition. The very tip of the blade is damaged. Many tin bands from the scabbard are missing.. A classical good example, late 19 or early 20 C.